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Mobile bumper and Dent service in WORCESTER, NY

From hail to auto accidents, your vehicle can get dented and scratched in many ways and to varying degrees. These incidents can result in anything from a minor paint scratch to large dents. This damage can affect the look and value of your vehicle, making it less appealing and less enjoyable to drive.

By using the latest innovative technology, Feil Collision Works can ensure fast and accurate dent repairs to your vehicle. Our expert team can repair all parts of your vehicle, from doors to hoods, fenders and everything in between. Our goal is to return your car to its former glory.

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Your bumper is on the vehicle to protect the body of the vehicle itself. The bumper was made to absorb the energy that can come from a crash or a bump into the vehicle itself; so the bumper is damaged and the vehicle is not. These days, most bumpers are made from one of the following materials: fiberglass composite, plastic, steel or aluminum; whatever the essential material that is used, all bumpers have a cover that is made of plastic which is the outer part of what is seen. If you don’t have an adequate bumper, more damage can happen to the rest of your vehicle, causing you to have to pay more money to get that repaired instead of just the bumper.

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Feil Collision Works has the latest tools and the most well-trained technicians to bring your vehicle back to upstanding condition. Bring your vehicle in today or call us at (607) 638-5729 for an estimate.

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